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Review: Circy 3: Luck, Suck, and Two Pixel Borders
Author: Jimmy Pig
Added: 06/02/2005

Here is my review, of this super-fantastical extaro-magical game...

Ive got nothing against circy really, its nice knowing some one so high up on this site can produce such poor quality games as myself, okay "Hangys" was ownage but still....

Right anyway, this game is brilliant, i dont know what about it tho, the concept of it, a parody/pisstake/shudufu-up circy game is awesome and highly self-touchable, the screenshotz made me log my pants themselves and the reviews kept me in suspence even more as i kick started my 56k modem *kicks intelligent visual metaphor of a personified 56k modem in arse* and waited for it to slowly, slowly download.... slowly....

then, i unzipped (the folders) popped it out and played with it, the into screen of circy naked with a limp pork sword was scary yet suprisingly homely, loved it, then the first level came, "Circy, of the many things he does sucking is what he does best" Classic, its practical, applicable, offensive, it works for the cause, so i had a little time out to figure the controls even thought they were onb the screen before but.. mnah didnt read them, figured them out and sucked off a goomba (change "off" for "up" plz thx :*) then, up pops a mario-esque character, no its not mario, its much better! ITALY!!! i loved it, it made me laugh like i was looking at a man with a breast on his forehead squirting his milk at his mates. Then the next level (mega man stylee) the real gem on this is the music, it touched me in places ive never been touched, i love the remix. so i continue to play regardless of the amount of times i was mutilated in various ways, because its a fun. game.

People, offensive or not this game is a good game, regardless of the basic image of it the game itself which is what your playing is brilliant, its original by being the same, i loved it, so download NOW!

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