Though not all my concepts are original, read the whole article before you call me hypocritical.

I've seen many Klik games come out. But none have been that special or anything of that sort. Most people consider Eternal Daughter to be the best Klik game created so far. But what does Eternal Daughter have that sets it apart from any game, including all the commercial games out there? Some of you may argue and say that Klik products cannot produce games that could rival any aspect of commercial games. But that is not true. It's you that ultimately defines what type of game you could make. Sure with MMF 1.5 (the most powerful Klik tool right now) you cannot achieve such effects like Alpha Blending and (quick and easy) parallax scrolling. But is that what great game making (and design) is about? All these special effects and neat-o graphical features are all getting to your heads, I guess. The game in the end is defined by its gameplay. Throughout the rest of the game is the atmosphere, which is from the sound, visuals, and story (if there is one). But in the end, someone is playing a game because they just want to have fun. Then, it is your duty as a game maker to create a game that is fun. Amateur or not, a game should be fun.

Now enough with my introduction... I'll move on to the main weakness that is found in much Klik game designs.

The main weakness that I have found in many Klik games is that they are clones. Clones could be great for practice, but they should never be released as a production. Many of you may argue that cloning great games, such as Mario, would be a smart idea because the game is popular and the engine works well. Yes, it is a fun game and it is popular because of how it plays. But do many games that play just like Mario get released by other companies and get popular? No. The companies tend to not release them, though some do, because they would lose too much money from the lack of sales from a particular game. In this case, there is no money involved. But if there is nothing new about your game, since it’s a clone of the Mario engine, why should someone visiting TDC want to play it? Because it has *gasp* all new levels! No. What a waste of a download. You might as well slap yourself with the label of Level Designer, because you’re not a Game Designer for sure. And you could only go so far with Level Design, without anything new to the engine you’re stuck to simple level designs that will ultimately resemble the original source. Their games have levels like that because they work well and test the player’s abilities well. Since you’re copying the engine, you’ll rarely have great new levels that evenly test the skills of a given player; you’ll probably end up with wannabe levels that should have never been made in the first place.

TWO POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS : of course, there’s more.

One possible solution is found in inspiration. Inspiration is far different from copying or cloning a game. When you get inspired by a game, you want to try new things in a similar style. Similar style does not mean exact style. You could find some aspects of a game that you find very interesting and fun. Find out the why, how, and what of that aspect. After you learn why it’s fun, you could use that knowledge to devise a new aspect for your game. When you learn how it works, you could revise your aspect. When you learn what it takes, you plan out how you’re going to make your aspect work. Then after that, just keep refining it until you think that the aspect is complete.

The other possible solution is to fuse aspects of games. When fusing aspects from different games, you will most likely get an original concept that could be refined into a great gameplay aspect to your game. But there is a weak side to this, some people may end up fusing too similar of game aspects and end up with a “clone fusion”. A “clone fusion” is basically a fusion that is almost the same as the sources that it came from. To avoid this, try to find completely different games to compare and “extract” from.

If there are any arguments, just post. If there are comments, thank you.

Thank you for your Time.