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Video Game Design V2
A basic guide on one way a team can tackle developing a game.
2853 monkeytherat 4th Feb 11
Few news about upcoming Exporters
News about Flash, iOS, Python, Android runtimes from France.
3695 Fanotherpg 6th Feb 11
TDC Collaborations Experiment
Development of games along with other TDC members.
2668 s-m-r 9th Mar 11
Make a great on-the-go flash game Part I
How to start with good basis
3373 GreenElefant 21st Mar 11
Make a great on-the-go flash game Part II
3013 GreenElefant 21st Mar 11
Make a great on-the-go flash game Part III
3731 GreenElefant 21st Mar 11
Handling Duplicates - Part II
An in-depth look at MMF2's automatic "Object Matching" system.
5685 Sketchy 14th Apr 11
Free Game Creation Resources
This is a big list of free resources for game developers
13086 Rox Flame 1st May 11
How to hate a villain
Analyzing why we hate certain characters, and how it's useful to a klicker
4224 mastavasta 18th May 11
Maximize your Workflow Pt. 1: Create a Dither Brush In Photoshop
Now in 3D!
5893 HorrendousGames 23rd Jun 11
Free Graphics App. Review
Four reasons not to use MMF2's picture editor or MS Paint.
6422 Sketchy 19th Jul 11
Generating Maps From Image Files
Create custom maps without an array!
5293 Mr. Hexagon 16th Aug 11
Excel as a Map Editor
A guide to making tile-based maps in Microsoft Excel.
7715 Sketchy 24th Jan 12
Importing Graphics into MMF2
How to import graphics and animations into MMF2
15220 Sketchy 2nd Feb 12
MMF2 for Mac and Linux using Wine
How to run MMF2 - and other Windows programs - on UNIX-like systems
7995 jamesh 7th Jun 12
Custom Animation Systems
More control over your animations
5266 Neuro 2nd Oct 12
Chloe's Harder to Follow but still more better than Neuro's Custom Animation Engine
More control over Neuro's animations
6090 Chloe Sagal 4th Oct 12
Top Down 2D Texture Based Terrain Tutorial
Now in ArticleVision
6481 Chloe Sagal 4th Oct 12
5118 Muz 20th Oct 12
Metroidvania Level Design
Designing room systems for metroidvania games
15967 Alonso Martin 21st Oct 12
Guide to Indie game design.
A three page guide with sketch images on how I design my indie games.
5363 eliris 1st Nov 12
A Matter of Life and Death
A look at the ways in which various games handle life and death.
5496 Sketchy 4th Nov 12
A Guide to Pixel Shader Development
written for noobs, by a noob.
8397 Sketchy 27th Jun 13
How to Host a Compo
Ever want to host a competition here at TDC? Read this.
5391 s-m-r 28th Jun 13
Fans are the Bane of my Existance.
How to identify problem-fans and deal with them.
4500 The_Antisony 18th Nov 13
Graphic Dialog Engine
Create an advanced graphical dialog engine.
4453 The_Antisony 7th Sep 14
Steps to starting a game
Some steps to consider when creating a project.
5326 siven 4th Nov 14
The things you don't want to do when making a game.
In this article I will be telling you the things you may want to consider.
3186 Barbarian Kabbage 28th Jul 15
PLEASE give me some honest feedback on my game
I have made I new game as my first in my hobby of games.
3132 archon 2nd Aug 15
Play Match Attack Game
Android Game Made with MMF2
2911 Emory Graham 4th Oct 15
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