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Dr. James MD



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13th March, 2008 at 11:17:36 -

Don't think I'd bother with Xbox Originals, unless they gave us upscaled, 16:9 progressive support on Halo and San Andreas.

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13th March, 2008 at 11:43:58 -

Originally Posted by DeadmanDines
I personally found it was a bit boring, to be honest. I've played a few FPS games, and the aiming's not a patch on a mouse. In Halflife2, that's problematic since bad guys are very sharp shooters.

Why more games don't emulate Goldeneye's system I'll never know (move forwards/back/left/right with stick, strafe with left and right buttons, aim by holding shoulder pad and moving stick around. Even then, aim carries a dampening effect so you aim within your current field of view, and it has a nice snap-back. Very, very easy to master).

Once you get over the graphics, I found it didn't really do much for me. I already have a system for playing movies, CDs, etc. It seems almost everything these days comes with a home cinema built in, not just the consoles. My surround sound DVD player can practically boil an egg.

Anyway, that's how I felt. It may be a home entertainment system, but I wanted to play games on it, and I found the games on that were seldom different to the stuff I had on a PS2. I'm not a great fan of the next gen consoles, found 'em to be a huge dissapointment.

Because we have dual analog now and some of us like to move and aim at the same time! I couldn't imagine playing Timesplitters with a GoldenEye control scheme!

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13th March, 2008 at 13:03:26 -

Originally Posted by Dr. James
Ah yea I forgot about noise.

I'm still a bit unsure. There aren't any games that I'd like, I use my PC for FPS and my PSP for RPGs. GTA4 I'm looking forward to. But I'm still not sure.

I'll be needing VGA though. It'll be in my room and I only have monitors in here. It'll run 1080p though but it's only 22", after seeing my friends and brother's 30-48" bedroom TV's I might cry inside a little

I mostly run my ps3 on a 16 inch sdtv using a the standard composite cable (unless i sneak downstairs and steal the hdtv using my hdmi cable). So your situation isn't all that bad james. On some games I can't even read some text, like motorstorm.



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13th March, 2008 at 13:12:23 -

On another note it seems to be proving very difficult for me to cancel my Xbox Live Gold subscription. I've tried both the landline and mobile numbers, I can't get through to any. I e-mailed support and they are just ignoring me. My subscription auto-renews next month(Without my permission, argh) and it's looking like I'm being forced to pay for yet another year that I wont even use... Again.

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