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Project: Dynacorp
Project Started: 22nd April, 2009 Last Update: 19th July, 2015
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You play as Dynabot, a hyperactive weaponised delivery robot, employee of Dynacorp and you have spectacularly crash landed on a lush untouched alien planet. You must explore and navigate the mysteries of the planet and its inhabitants whilst balancing problem solving and restraint to retain (or betray) the trust of the adorable aliens and their vibrant diverse ecosystem.

You collect Dynorbs (your delivery cargo) and spaceship parts to charge your lazer and keep energy reserves up. You can call back home with data collected on the planet about its diverse alien and plant life to receive in game rewards via the “Dynacorp employee rewards programme”.

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Posted 19th Jul 15, by Rox Flame 2 Comments
Well, things have changed significantly in the world of Dynabrick since I last posted here. The game is in active development on iPad, most of the dev-logging is happening on twitter these days @dynabrickgame

Go check it out! Here's a teaser pic though:

Posted 28th Jul 14, by Rox Flame 2 Comments
Sweet so I've gone and splashed out on an iPad, the iOS exporter and an apple dev licence! Looks like I'll be releasing on iPad once I get near the finish line
Fluid dynamics improved, wrapping commencing
Posted 15th Jun 14, by Rox Flame 6 Comments
So dev has been going well, I'm thinking I need a new format for explaining the progress, so included are a bunch of GIFs

What have I been up to over the last few weeks?
Well these things:

1: Basic wrapping
2: Effects
3: Water dynamics
4: Explosions

Basic wrapping
So I realised that to make some real headway, I really needed to start going beyond the art and engine, and get some of the missing foundations laid, namely the menu, the level progression code and some plot writing.

The story as I had written it previously involved Dynabot hurtling through space delivering some cargo, crashing into a satellite and plummeting into a planet based on a grid.

I've embellished on this concept and decided to come up some storyline to support the gridded world, which I'll give a few teasers for in future posts.

One small part of the gridded world physics includes the concept that things adhere more and more to the natural grid the slower they are moving, which has allowed me to play on that and get around some issues I was having in getting water to both flow and support the grid. Here is the rather interesting result:

-- Auto-cubing water --

While Dynabot won't be able to shoot water by default, its possible I'll give him that ability later if he gets a water based powerup, in the meantime though it's fun to test some possiblilites it brings out, like the creation of ice bridges:

-- Ice test --

Dynabrick now includes more than one default exploding brick, 3 sizes are now available making for more boomy goodness!

-- Explosion tests --

The Dynacubes can also be destroyed in spectacular fasion allowing for SUICIDE JUMPS

-- Dynabot does a suicide jump --
Woah an update!?
Posted 29th May 14, by Rox Flame 3 Comments
Yep that's right, finally getting back onto this AGAIN. I've now made a commitment to myself to do some work (any amount) on Dynabrick EVERY SINGLE DAY until it is finished, and that I will do at least one social media post or update here every week! No more faffing around.(

To show you how serious I am, I invite you to all follow the facebook page and give me shit publicly if I'm not posting progress updates! I MUST WORK ON DYNABRICK, IT WILL BE RELEASED!

Getting back into it and to motivate myself I've been digging through the old version of dynabrick and made htis little comparison of the old vs new game art. It's quite motivating to see the differences as it reminds me how far I've come and why I should commit the energy and time.


Worth mentioning: The first 500 followers of the facebook page will all be getting free licences for the game when I release it!

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