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Project: Penguin Power v2.0
Project Started: 20th July, 2003 Last Update: 20th July, 2003
Project Owner: Silveraura Project Members:
Project Type: Arcade Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Penguin Power is back with completle all new Graphics & if you don't have a clue what I am talking about. Take a look for Penguin Power v1.0 at for you will need to download it before you can get Penguin Power v2.0.
(Do to this older levels will be found in the newer version.)

Penguin Power v2.0 will have completly new graphics & more places! The newer version will have MANY new features like a timmer, more players.

Bug Fix (Hopefully)
After playing Penguin Power I've seen that it tends to get on my nerves when a player it smacked, then returns back where he was smacked. A bug I've tend to name "The Jump Back Bug"
Well I do hope in this newer version of Penguin Power, this bug will be fixed by me adding an entirely new & custom engine.

More items.
New items are in debate for use. Here is a list of some.

SnowBalls (Throw 1 snowball at anytime you chose to freeze your player.)

Auto Freeze (Run into this & a randomly picked player including yourself is frozzen.)

Ice Blocks (Run into this & you will get frozzen) *Already Included In v1.0*

Speed Up (You can move faster)

(With the all 2-4 Players mode. No longer will there be Freezeballs. These where replaced by the Auto Freeze item.)

New Options
(Options with an * beside them may or may not show up in the game.)
Penguin Power v2.0 Will include more options.

Add or remove objects from the playlist!

*Easyly turn music & sounds off!

*Change Controls Easyly

I hope you enjoy my little preview for A first look at the all new version.

(Please note that this version will come out in a patch form. You must download Penguin Power v1.0 at before downloading this patch for this patch will need the v1.0 files to update them.)

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