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Project: KN: The Game
Project Started: 29th December, 2006 Last Update: 10th October, 2008
Project Owner: Hereder Project Members: Spiriax
Project Type: Platform, Adventure, Humour Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Charlie has been kidnapped and it is your mission to rescue him!

You play as the character KN and have to get through a platform adventure to save your pal. Avoid and kill bizarre enemies, fight bosses and find secrets, all with graphics made with Macromedia Flash and game made with Multimedia Fusion 2.

Genre: Platform, Adventure, Humour. A little like Super Mario, but with a lot of random encounters and a boss at the end of each level. The humour is a mix of randomness, stupidity, a little of the childish nature and just pure comedy.

Being made by Karl Fredriksson "Hereder", Just Born productions in cooperation with Robin Gunnarsson "Spiriax", Spiriax Games.




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Our new trailer
Posted 7th Oct 08, by Spiriax 2 Comments
Watch our new trailer here:

This project has been dusted off!
Posted 2nd Oct 08, by Spiriax 5 Comments
This project is soon 2 years old, and has been continued on lately. Since Hereder and I are on different sides of the globe right now, it takes some time, but we're soon ready to deliver a demo of this game.

A demo was estimated to be released when we created this project page, but since Hereder moved to the US, and was busy working, there was no possibility for us to continue on this.

Whether or not we'll complete the full game or not is unknown.. I guess it depends on the feedback we get from the demo.

I shall showcase 3 screenshots from the latest update of the game, and we will soon make a new trailer.

That's it for now. Smell you later!



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