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Review: Myster Muszel
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames]
Added: 07/03/2004

Myster Muszel,looked like a pretty good game when I saw it on the front page. I though, "Well, nothing's really happening right now." So I went ahead and downloaded it.


The presentation for the game was very well done. It had a creative logo, title, and statistics bar. Also, the game is packed with special effects ranging from the shield surrounding Muszel to the various death animations. The only bad part about the presentation was that some objects overlap the statistics bar. It would look much better if the statistics bar was towards the front.


The game's gameplay is short and simple; it's a platformer where you jump on any enemies that are killable and collect all the gems in the level. Simple, yet fun. The only thing that subtracted from the gamplay was that there wasn't a custom platform movement.


The graphics are great. So, why did I give them a 6? Well, I'm not convinced that the graphics are original. They look like they've just been used from libraries(although I didn't bother to look at all the MMF libraries). Some special effects in the game add to the value of the graphics. All the special effects gave the game more "personality" and made it more fun to play.


There were only enough sound effects to make the game just right. Not too many, not too much. The sounds were well chosen and for that, I give it a good rating.


The music as well as the sound was well chosen. The music fits well with the gameplay and graphics. It kinda makes you want to play the game further and further.


The game has 2 modes on it: Normal and War mode. There are several levels on the game. Not even I have played through the whole game yet. Although I didn't play war mode, I'm sure it would add to the game's lastability.


This was an impressive game although it wasn't one of the author's new games. So, I encourage everyone to try this game. It's definitely worth the download!

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