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Review: 4Four - Evil from the Past (now fixed)
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames]
Added: 28/06/2004

For the amount of time that it lasted, 4four was a pretty good (though short) game. 4four is an adventure platformer kind of like Metroid in that all the levels are linked together. As you go through the game, you pick up a few items and meet a few characters that you must help.

Presentation*b) The scrolling intro text at the beginning of the game was a neat addition towards this game, but presentationwise, that was the best it got. The title screen was a keyboard based menu, but it was nothing special. There were also a few cinema scenes between the two parts of the game, but it was rather bland especially since the the text was just floating there. It could look better with a text frame around it like the ones found in RPGs. Score: 6/10

Gameplay: The gameplay was pretty good actually, especially with the custom platform engine that was made. Because the levels in the game are all linked together, the game doesn't have such a linear gameplay. Also with the theme of going from area to area picking up items, there is a hint of the adventure genre mixed in as well. Score: 8/10

Graphics: Although the theme of the graphics was consistant and no library or ripped graphics(although the sprite for 4four was ripped, it was drawn over and I won't count it as "ripped") were used, the graphics were a bit crude.Most of the graphics were very simple and consisted of only rectangles, circles, and lines with no shading. The graphics could have used some work. Score: 6/10

Sound and Music: The sounds used in the game went along excellently with the graphics and style of the game. However, the music was half good, half bad. Some areas used either music that didn't really fit well or were too recognizable(e.g. Starlight Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and the Starwars theme). Score: 7/10

Lastability: It may take a few tries to beat the game. The adventure genre mixed in also allows a bit of revistiting areas and thus lengthens the amount of gameplay without any loss. However, after beating the game, there's not really much point to go back and play it again. The game also seemed to be rather short and didn't last long. It would help to have more quests and levels in the game for the players to explore before entering the final level. This would make the game last longer and make it a lot better. Score: 5/10

Overall, it's worth the 30 minutes to play through the game once, but after that, it pretty much goes to the recycling bin.

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