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Review: Little´s Haunted Quest
Author: Yai7
Added: 15/07/2004

Well. This game is quick and graphically smooth.
I found it very entertaining. You walk around and inside a castle and shooting many interesting creatures such as skulls, goals and ghosts with all graphically smooth and well drawn.
The graphic as I said typical for many RPG games and seems to be taken from zelda all but the monsters and some of the backgrounds but it doesn't reduce the cute enviroment at all!
The creatures in game drawen smoothly each has it's own movement and hit points start from the skulls that just float around and on to the goals that become faster as you shoot them to the ninjas that try to sneak to attack you, simple but smart

The sounds are very pleasent for the ear seemed to be proffesionall created, it is a nice sound to listen when you pick hart for example. the music is mostly from Nintendo games like Metroid but fits the game well, anyway, I hear the metroid music many times so I would suggest the atari or comodor music from the VG-Games.

The game has many smart and simple puzzles like eye statue that blocks the paths in the castle or the ground buttons which you have to find the right path.
How nice is also the smash the monsters and pick the fairly ammount of hart power ups, you got many other power ups too like magic book and speed shoes and all these let you advance at the game.

The game became alittle hard after I fought a skeleton boss so I quitted there but I'm sure going to keep on with it, though game has creativly made bosses too.
The game seems to last fairly long but I didn't check, Anyway. I'm satisfied!

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