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Review: Unknown Game 5002
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames]
Added: 03/12/2004

Anatano sukina benki wa nandesuka?

Finally, after forever and one day,-3 hours, 67 minutes, and 13 seconds, Jonny RPG has finally been released! In the game, anything happens...ANYTHING!!! The whole game is basically an "autobiography" of Smeby's life. Well, a very random autobiography at that...It is the story of how Smeby saved reality.

.:: Presentation ::.

The presentation is PINK!*gasp* Very, very PINK. The border is pink, and even transition effects are PINK. Very good presentation, I think. Especially with the super duper menu effects and the custom transition effect. The Presentation earns a giant PINK 10!

.:: Gameplay ::.

This is one of the best Klik RPGs ever! of the only klik RPGs actually. However, I'd really say that this game leans more towards the adventure genre rather than RPG since the battle system varies so much and there is no level growth in the entire game. Some parts in the game might also be confusing or hard to get around(I kept getting trapped by the bunny in the dress and now it's is now one of my worst nightmares ) However, the variation in gameplays throughout the game is what drives this game and its pure randomness! I'd give the gameplay a well-deserved 9.

.:: Graphics ::.

The graphics for the most part are awesome. Throughout the game, the different graphic styles(and ripped sprites, photo-rendered graphics, and library graphics) blend together to make a truly unique graphics style. The graphics get a very PINK 10/10 Is there really much more to say on this?

.:: Sound and Music ::.

A lot of the music is good, and some of the music is too recognizable from the klik midi libraries. Overall though, the music for the game was chosen well. The sounds in the game are also good and add nicely to the comic mischeif of the game. I'd give the sound and music department a nice 7/10.

.:: Everything Else ::.

After waiting for this game for so long, and with all the fads it's caused, there is absolutely no excuse to not download it. Anyone who'd enjoy a little walk away from reality...well, a little walk far enough from reality to almost destroy it, this game is worth the time to download even for the 56kers that are still remaining out there! Overall, this game deserves a very, VERY extra super duper PINK 9/10!!

Sound and Music:

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