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Review: Flipull Advantage
Author: Yai7
Added: 09/01/2005

Now this things freaks me out!
You get Weebl as the main characters but instead of getting pies he gets the blocks sets in a row.

Weebl must eliminate most of the blocks at the stage by first shooting a wild card at the other blocks.
Then you get a block in the color of the block you eliminated. You have to shoot the colored block on another colored block at the same color, but if there are'nt blocks in the same color you miss you wussy princess!!! Now. There is a special stage wich looks much more beutiful than the normal stage if you clear all the blocks at the stage.


Now... Weebl doesn't say the usual things he say in the Weebl and Bob cartoon such as "want pie now!!!" instead he just shut up and suffer the wrong blocks you shoot at him back if you don't hit the same colored block. He gets bump by a block just like my mother when I shout at her.

How rare...

Now, don't get me wrong, it's a supreme game.
Weebl looks alittle odd due to the moving to a Japanese game but we saw that already in the "Hentai" episode when they show him like hello kitty. As far as I saw there aren't pies in this game. Maybe at the end of the game but I didn't finished it.

Anyway. The graphics are all smooth looking, very colorfull, I suggest to make the silver blocks a golden or yellow block to make the colors look better
The animation of weebl as I say are very cute, Remind me my mother.

The music and sound are also supreme. I mostly liked the gameover music.

The gameplay is very special. I wonder how they got the engine to act like that cause I'm on pills right now so my mind is pretty retarded to know shuch advanced programming like that. Maybe one day I will understand when I'll get the state of "clear" in hubbards dianetic thingy.

This game is entertaing and will keep you playing from time to time. Which is totally fine.

Keep going with this awasome things!

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