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Review: True deity
Author: Yai7
Added: 09/01/2005

This game is about Yair Charutz who one day wokes up and descovers he has godly powers!

Ow! Wow! That's totally awasome!
Ok... Ok... That's not really the story of the game.
I don't really know the story. But at the begining of the game a Wise man of zen teach me how to use my godly power to brake wood and then brake steel.

I had to consentrate very well to brake the steel.
I also discovered how to create torando and that gray little clouds can restore my energy. However. I die very quickly. It's so good there is a save system!

Anyway. Ugh! My head turns gray when I use superpowers! Ugh! What's happened to me! It's desgusting!!! Change it up!!!

After I learn from the wise man of zen to use my powers. Come a barbarian that look like "Eisav" from the Bible, and attack a woman with tow kids.

I off course stronger and I attack the pittyfull barbarian and the others that follow. From that point the adventure begins! you enter a chaos gate and gets along.

There are several bugs in this game. On of them is the bug of jumping that make me hard to jump. But it's hard to explain. Anyway there is a music bug that makes music repeat(frenzy) over frames which makes it impossible for my ears to stand. Oh! The mess! But the music is beutiful and sometime this bug make a beutiful remix between the music! I must say that you can make a newagely deejay stage by using this game! Hehehe!

Well, What I have to say. Life short and I die very easily from the bible taken characters in the game. Could I get more lives please?

About the graphics.
They neat but not that much. Pretty amateur.

The music is godly. Truely. and the gameplay has several bugs. and the game also get's stuck in the map when I get the jungle! Lame lame lame!(Just kidding!) Still it might be my computer's problem.
I still recommand it to try if you like Yair Charutz with a godly powers that turn gray headed when he attack.

For the fans of Yair Charutz Only!

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