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Review: Diamond: Revolution (Including Lite)
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames]
Added: 15/05/2005

Combining the elements of a puzzle and action game, Diamonds Revolution puts your wit, reflex, and thinking up to a challenge. Unlike earlier versions, this one has quite a few bugs fixed (especially in the save game) and also some new features to test your Dimaonds skills.

.:: Presentation ::.

Very impressive! The weather and particle effects are great, the title screen is great, and the graphics and music fit together perfectly. The help screen is well-designed with a scroll feature and the graphics incorporated into it. The options menu has more than just a sound and music test. It has all sorts of options like turning off particles, turning off animation, turning off sounds, etc. Although the full game is 26mb, there is a lite version at 6mb for those who still have dial-up. Perhaps the only down side of the presentation would be that you can't skip the logo at the start unless you figured out that space skips it, the organization of all the choices on the menu could be improved(it's kind of odd to have to go down to get to the options), and at the start of the level, the level type in the top-left corner of the screen goes away too quickly( it could probably be better if it went away only when the player presses thrust to start the level).

.:: Gameplay ::.

The game play is awesome and one of a kind with its combination of the puzzle and action genres. The point of the game is to control a ball to destroy the diamonds and get past deadly obstacles to get to the exit of each level. However, you can only destroy diamonds of the same color as yourself. Thankfully, for that purpose there are color changing blocks. This new game in the Diamonds series contains several new obstacles and challenges as well with gravity-changing blocks, hidden passages, fake hidden passages, and more. Several of the levels are built around these new gameplay elements to create challenges never before seen in any of the Diamonds games. Even more, now the saving actually works and you don't have to go through all the levels in the game all over again to get back to the furthest level you've been to. If you get stuck, you can now restart the level without losing a life, making it much more fun to play without worrying about messing up and having to force yourself to lose a life. There are a few bugs though, but nothing major; the worst I've seen when I played was that sometimes the ball can get stuck on the edge of a block, but this was easy overcome by just moving away from the block with thrust. Previous fans of the Diamonds series will love the new and improved features added onto the classic gameplay of the series.

.:: Graphics ::.

The graphics are perfect. The diamonds are all 3D imported with great quality, and the 2D graphics fit perfectly with the 3D ones. The backgrounds and special effects add greatly to the game and go along with the rest of the graphcis in harmony. Perhaps the only bad thing I could say about the game graphic-wise is the that the dark outlines on the diamonds collide a bit with the realtively light background in part 4.

.:: Sound and Music ::.

The sounds and music work together with the gameplay and graphics perfectly. The music reflects the reflexive and thinking elements of the game perfectly!

.:: Lastability ::.

Now that there is a save feature, the lastability of the game has greatly improved. Previously, players would play the older games in the series and give up when they'd have to start all over to get back to the level they died on. The lastability is better, but isn't the greatest element in the game. Once you've beaten part 4 and got to the credits, there's really not much else to do. Perhaps something like a level-editor would be a great way to improve this category?

This is definitely the best game in the series with its new graphics style, new gameplay elements, awesome music, and with barely any bugs at all.This newest addition to Cassatta's series has the same unique and challenging gameplay improved with tons of new features creating new challenges making the game fun for both Diamonds newbs and veterans alike.

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