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Review: Unknown Game 5453
Author: Yai7
Added: 01/06/2005

Now... For these who wasn't in touch of what's goin on here for the last few days. (As for 1'st of june 2005). I can tell you that there was a competition that lasted about 120 hours... This babe here, is one of the entries...

Let's sets it up... The game start with a very neat looking intro! That's awasome! Man! Very well animated, With funny and twisted humor, that was presented much more witfull than in it's unorginal boring clone: Kirby!

As you can see in the intro... Pinky got intruders from another dimension, who are much more powerfull then he's weapon, taking over his fortress! Pinkey is beaten out of his royal place, into the forest, and brakes his back...
As said in poetical Hebrew: "From Igra rama to Bira Uamukata!"

But pinkey don't gives up... As he stikes back to his fortress and shoot these poor intruders, with his pink weapon. Open locked places by stepping on special sensors and collecting new shots with shooting sound of a horney stray cat!!! that's sound neat!!! Really!

Well... Kinda stuck in the Red weapon zone... But don't say that I'm retarded, because I'm not! I have IQ of 128... That miss isn't count! I had many sucesses in life! Telling you. (Hehe.. About 200 Chars were used for this rant! suckers!)

Well... Into what I've seen:

Very simply drawn graphics, Remind abit the more colorful XT games and very very smooth!
Good point for making him eight moves! Kick Aid!

Is that baywatch pinky was watching on TV in the intro?

Music: Suck ass!!! AS I said in comments, who in the name of "Lord Ahariman" made such ugly tunes?
It's impossible to stand such a thing!!! My ears!!! Jesus! I can beat that crap out easily!
Just don't fit this nice game... Comeone... Who in the lawsy names of "Loki, Ahariman, and Athen's" who could be such a jack ass and work on that stuff? Aggggge was showing me once his tune, And it wasn't that bad compared to this? Are you kidding? Come-on! Let a Zebra to sit near a computer and you won't get such a mess + you'll get funky animal in your house! Toss away, these tunes... I bonk on my head is classical compared to these day's first grade in playschool looking crap! Blam that artist! Shame! I don't know even a singel person who can screw such a piece of S&^$!!! Next time, let a man like me, doing you the tunes cause that's pathetically cross zero out of ten!

Nice weapon sounds by the way! I like horney stray cat's! Keep the sounds up! If the music had at least that level of quality... Oh! Jesus!!!

Now! that's Good!!! Very good! Switches, power add-ons. monsters with different resistence to each gun that pinkey has. "NastyMan 1 - Gold version" type lazers... A cycle of weapon orbs that sets on when you step around.

Whooh! Just what I needed... I guess it's similar to a length of several Nes games! I like short games.

Overall, Well...
I like almost everything! Including this game!
In my opinion I like that style Better than the so called Noboyuki's...!

Sound and Music:

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