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Review: Scurvy Sanchez 3
Author: Yai7
Added: 20/06/2005

I feel that had to review this game!
No vow! Though I had almost sleepless nights Here I go!

The intro start with a scene that is very similar to Legand of Zelda for the GameBoy(TM)
When a storm toss Scurvy Sunchez out from his ship to another Island... Well, Here is another adventure of Scurvy Sunchez! On another Island... This time with new freaking surprises...

What should I say... It gets a twist at the end of the game as you meet phizzy as a cameo in the game!!!

I must thank Phredreeke for putting me in the credits by the way for beta testing... Though that I am the most inferior at their food chain!!! >=(

Now let's check this:
This game is programed very, very well!!!
Phredreeke! You did a great job, by coding, Great use of INI, values & counters.
So you have come back to previous stages to find money to buy things cheap! Very nice!
The last stage annoyed me though because of the falling platforms at the end, Another parts of the game with a moving platform made it quite challanging! Anyway... It reminds Mario 64 in the aspect of collecting stuff to get farther into the game.

Into the Graphics part,
Though it looks like a starters style to me(Who am I to judge?!?) the coding makes it very well due to 3D OpenGL effects at the start of the game, and very well use of moving backgrounds!!! Yeah! So that's make it very well! It was astounding to see the semi breast naked goat statues at the lava area, some people might find it arousing(?)... The cameo of phizzy by the way is drawn by phizzy himself, And had even have walking animation and even a cool shirt at the end of the game!

Now... Sounds & music!
"Sweet circy"! That's insane!!!
I've even found myself singing to myself some of the songs, and making it new words! The dubbing by Phizzy is hillirious! "Youv'e destroyed my robot! Now! Eat metal chains!"... Hehe!
And to discover that Sergey wasn't a human afterall...

For the Lastability: it has about 5 areas that you can travel and come back to when you find or buy items... Hehe... That melon sign... I found a coin there! Hehe! Did ya'? Still didn't finished it, I wanted to ask phredreeke how to pass Phizzy, but my system *crushed*! Sexy me!

Overall, really decent and maybe even more!
Too bad it's not fit for small children because of some graphics content... =P

Well, I will inform you for that to DC administary!!!

Oooh... Here is the most fun part of the review: pressing simple click to give score! I like pressing things! Good day friends!

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