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Review: Neonair Racing
Author: Yai7
Added: 30/06/2005

I was once being with eight of my friends at the seashore, buying ourselves some expensive icecream, picturing ourselves on a camera that some one bring with him... It was in a time I was playing Krazy racers on an GBA emulator(and even bought a hard copy of it later!)... All I was thinking in head was, Hey... What if everyone of us had a little kart to drive in, make us participate on a silly race?

Basically, That's probably what sherlin had in his mind when taking 4 of his friends from neonair team and 4 of their game characters put them in small karts to compete each other for 1'st, 2'nd or 3'rd place (Or awfully crush down...) moreso... And that's the best part, let other people from the net, mostly from the daily click to add their sprites, sums up with 26 characters to play in 2 Player's arena... Making it just faaaaiiine to play...

Ok... So it's not crazy racers... It doesn't have different stats for each car... At least for what I felt while playing it, mostly on 2 players mode... Shame I can't tell because I was only playing Rip, the "messy(In personality) looking buglife" ant on the 1 player mode...
Yeah! Characters just looks cool, but it was weird that everyone there just scream the same... a high squick that I rather wanted to find in a strange NES or PCE clone for a game with a kitten... (He-he j/k. Just tried to review 2 great games in 1 review...) Anyway... I was excpecting for taunts and swears from aponents when they just pass you or you get to bypass them... A chart of the characters including place 1 to 4 with picture would be cool and a small map including your's or other players on it would make it awasome, though I belive it wasn't that easy to do with a mod 7....
Basically, I wanted it just as crazy racers! even with all these power up including rare ones!
Original midis or mod music could be so great! Anyway these famous Sega & Nintendo music tunes just fits this game like a glove to my feet! =

I wanted to race against the space lobster in 2 players mode in addition to the killing cars arena which reminds me... That boss idea at the end of the cap, that was really nice... But I still ask myself... Do I really cry like that when I get hit? Oh come-on man! Where was I living? =

More so... There might be another problem caused by Mode7, that makes lot of the road texture pixelated, but hey, it still makes it looks impressive at several stages... These you have walls in it. graphics beside that are sometimes looks very proffesional making the presentation quality of the game menu have a high quality feel! Too bad that the 2 players arena makes characters look half of their size, which b.t.w so cool... because it's one of a few mmf games that has a split screen! 1 extra point for my NastyMan sprite, it just make the game rocks! Ok... Ok... The space lobster(Which I lost to) stole the whole presentation... It was Space Cadet's design who made me to give you higher score for graphics! (NastyMan! You crude arrogant liar)

Despite that... It was cool to discover, that the smelly cap was easy to defeat, Though there were no falling animation for cars if player slip over the edge helps the player return easily to the playfield without even needing any copter's, or a giant helping hand's help! =
Choosing a stage for a freeride could be fun, when I discover a road in a special section of paradise for marshmellows at the Yummy cap!!! Whow! And that shows that the game contains some crazy humor when having sheeps on the way, and nice aliens on several sections on the race field... That's Cool! Just like in crazy racers!

Another humorous part is the storyline, written in a classic way of 8 characters who race for no special reason just because some aliens wanted to destroy the world and their pilot crashed down... And that joke at start, saying that all people where sleeping while other people saw a regular looking ufo in the sky... now that was hillirious!

If that was the first version I guess that sherlin won't resist to make more mods... I can sense he is drooling when thinking about add ons for this game, like road map, racer chart, 2P race modes, and free race... And that cinnamon shop you could upgrade your items including more secret stuff! Ooooh, Can't way when next version they will taunt each other... Don't you feel electricity thrilling trough your steering wheel?

Ah Well... Do the prayer that I've said (1:30 - 1/7/2005)to bless Sherlin will take effect causing him fill that thrill feeling too?

Time will tell when we will see further versions... Oh please!

Anyway... As I said... Very good game! Never saw a working mode 7 race that was made on MMF before! Keep driving these crazy things up!

B.T.W... God indicate me to give you 9 for this game... But I used a calculator instead! (Heck it's sets up around 8.6?!?) Why didn't I listen to him?! Well... I'll just Let a real fool to blam down this game... Is someone here got the nurves to do it... uh?

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