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Review: Spiderhead (Full Version)
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames]
Added: 26/07/2005

After 1 1/2 years and a demo that wasn't even in the actual game, Spiderhead is here and greatly improved since the abandoned Webstone project. The storyline is simple: Snowhead and his army of eyeballheads are trying to destroy the world! The story suits the game well though for a platformer, since most good platformers don't really need a complex storyline. I managed to beat the game after restarting the 4th boss several times when the music crashed. A victorious slaughterer is me!

.:: Presentation ::.

The presentation was well done with the zappy text intro. That added a darker feeling that tied in perfectly with the game. It has a neat simple title screen and a save feature with a very professional load screen showing a screenshot of the level you're on and a zappy border around it. The red screen effect for bloodlust mode is great but it could definitely use a flashing effect to warn you when your bloodlust time is almost gone. Also, when you talk to people, you can press up again to see the same text appear. It would be better if pressing up after you finish reading the text would close the text instead.

Score: 7/10

.:: Gameplay ::.

Spiderhead is an action platformer where you explore the levels, use a bunch of weapons to destroy the enemies in your path, and run like a pansy from the enemies that you can't beat. As you progress through the level, you learn what enemies are coming up next and get out whatever weapon you need to kill them without getting blown up by an undead suicide eyeballhead bomber in the process. However, you only get so much ammunition for each weapon, so you must choose wisely how you'll storm the levels slaughtering all the eyeballheads in your path! The bosses are hard, but as long as you have a bunch of lives, it's no trouble beating them. The variety of different enemies and the strategies to beat them was great and made a smooth difficulty curve in the game. Also, it does have a few levels where you have to keep moving like in the space level and the 2nd barracks level. All good games have at least one chase level where you have to just RUN!

Score: 8/10

.:: Graphics ::.

Unlike in the Webstone, this game's graphics are all original. Blackgaze(f.k.a. Spiderhead) made most of the graphics while Mr. H did the backgrounds. The graphics styles went well in separating the backgrounds from the actual leves and they fit well together at the same time. I can't find anything to complain about graphicswise.

Score: 8/10

.:: Sound and Music ::.

All the sounds are from other games or the clickteam sound libraries, but all the mods for the music were original. The music matched the mood of the levels very well giving the game its shady action platformer atmosphere. There are a few parts where the game crashes when the music starts up, but it eventually gets past the bugs if you keep trying to load the levels.

Score: 9/10

.:: Lastability ::.

About avarage as platformers go, but the levels are pretty long with all the different enemies you have to get past, making it quite challenging. When you beat the game, there are a few extras that are interesting to see such as the sound/music tests and enemy descriptions. I wonder if any game ever gets a 10 in lastability?

Score: 6/10

Needless to say, this is an above average klik game and should definitely be played to the end if the music doesn't crash on you first. Download this game; I'm done talking now.

Sound and Music:

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