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Review: Buzz the Squirrel 2
Author: Yai7
Added: 22/12/2005

Well! AndyUK, from United Kingdom did it again! With a decent platformer, actually great one! With some tricks seen on previous games and I'll show you, that this freakin' stuff does good! Can't claim about nothing! Not even of bad design since it was part of the great concept that the game had to fawn!

Like, You got five areas in this game to hang trough! five areas of about 4 stage each... If I wasn't wrong! Yeah, Got till area 2 for having a fair review! Don't get wrong! Andy-UK made a decent job just as you except from these oldschool type of games! Yeah!

Here some great introduce, United Kingdom as far as I know is a land creeping with many animals, as one of these is the cute squirrel guys, hanging on forests and national parks! Actually you might find interesting info about it on Wikipedia! And... Since Andy is from the United kingdom he probably had to make a game about the famous animal that the United Kingdomians are so like to fond! The squirrel!

Another interesting part is that England knows at her good saving systems, E.g: God saves the quin and so, and you can wonderfully see it in this game! Andy has a saving system so you could keep on from every level that you've passed! Just pass level 2, 3 or 336, depends how many levels there are in Bazz2 and you could keep from it as you load it! Great goodness! system saves the game!

Taking in mind, that Bazz is a squirrel, and squirrels doesn't have much to say as far as I know, It's a pretty quiet animal... So you don't hear any sounds at all trough the game, which is great because you can her the funky music, all so cute of the various level.

Come on! You won't expect these?
Don't you?

Bazz also got a very tricky gameplay that we didn't seen much of it as before! As at level 3 it gets a great perform of the skywalking abilities that Bazz has! Yeah! That makes level 3 a great challenging maze, having you fun times of trying and solving another one of these so many smart quizes and puzzles that the game has to offer in levels! See that some bonuses and prizes hides or waiting to be collected at very smart points and ways, so it might need some thinking of how to get there! No really! Good work!

For some of you the game might have the sympthoms of feeling it's kinda repetitive! Well, oh! Ghees! Cheer up! These guys can give you the creeps, since you won't really say it about mario? The game you were playing when you had a working Nes or Famicom at your home! No really! Nothing wrong with it! It's traditional! See, andy tried to create a game mixed of Mario & chip & dail... And see, Mario usually doesn't throw boxes on enemies! Andy's squirrel does it! Just get close to a box, and Bazz lift it! Then, you can just go and throw it! so, smash a snail or a cool yellow guy that runs fast or a purpule bird that you'll hate not to kill!, & That's pretty cool! Boxes you lift, also helps you to protect bazz from falling bombs or falling bombs that some bitches put inside these odd boxes that coins are usually could be found in, and so... Well! I killed bazz that way!!! Man!!!

It would be also cool if bazz could hide inside it like Chip and Dale does... But since it's UK it might be sold as a pet for strangers by mistakes so better not!

As for the graphics, you will find them bright and delight as I never seen on bazz as before! That chipmunk got a well designed background such the palms in the tropic beach, the hills of first level.

Game has no violence, or no humor that I could put my hand on... I persume it takes several hours to beat it, as same as bernard & hank took me...

If I could just get the Playstation version of it for friends for birthday. Anyone, Just tell me a site that sells a copy, so I could take in count if I should buy it or not. As far as I know, Andy seems to have a version for GBA too!

Well, I should end here! Aliens could abduct my home in any minute! I don't know if I could live tomorrow! Well! Must end...

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