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Review: Duel Toys Final Version
Author: Yai7
Added: 18/01/2006

Though it gives a feel of a game that looks like it presented simple, you'll then notice when you play how complex it goes with animation & gameplay, makes it an exellant 1 on 1 combat game!

You'll notice that duel toys is a great mix between the Pokemon Battle games, to MegaMan Battle Network, and Street Fighter's class games...

As explained, Duel toys are actually elastic dolls, which on it, the company who produce it can place any desiered form... These were produced for letting kids fighting one with the other... So it goes by the story line that Rique got a duel toy for birthday, so now, he too, can battle his friends... Rique got a special duel toy, that were never seen in any other game, it was Scout, which has some nice abilities of throwing random camping objects at his rival...

As you get to play the game, you'll see that the actual movement starts at rique's school, in a very close design to the MegaMan's Battle Network... So actually it could be sold for being so perfectly presented, though Capcom and others might go: =(

As you go, you can find your first matches at school... Now we get to the actually fight, as you accept to fight riques friends or various other strangers... Here it goes into game:
You get to have an actual fighting between a super deformed characters of various games, as mentioned, scout is an original character but as it seen in game, it got Characters from Street Fighter, Dark Stalkers, Mortal Kombat and much more, as this guy really seems to like the Fighting genere games and especially Capcom's products...

Anyway, on map and on battle you can see how direct and smooth the animation and graphics are... When you play, you can easily notice it all pixel art graphics and each fighter, though it seems very simply drawen has great animation of fighting movements also when putting a special movement into cast, Really great...!

Speaking of game's backgrounds, are very detailed, with paralax movement too!

As I see how it was programmed, it has wonderful artifical intelligence (AI) for the CPU when get the characters on fight, tough they use to block your attack if you hit them too much... I was playing on the easy mode, anyway and if I wasn't wrong they do get thougher at a more difficult mode, which is very great!

See, that you can unlock different modes in game, letting you play it as all Street Fighters and MK games, as you purchase characters from the points that you can win after battle... You can get points even if you lose, but you do not get as many as winning battles, so it ends that when you beat the Arcade mode, you'll end up with many more points, giving you an ability to buy many of the characters that the various fighting genere games has to offer... Some of them are real good, especially these from the less known videogame companies...

Music itself, is Midi, but the author has pretty good choice, many were from the various games that he got his characters, as same as the different backgrounds of each arena... I Didn't heard many sounds that I can really put on a note, except for the K.O. which kinda make me feel a disgust... But it has other very good sound effects which are mostly based on MegaMan's Battle Network's sound style, that Capcom are so good on producing...

As all presented so well, and yeah, even got badges that are similar to these in Pokemon, it can fullfill you great time playing it alone and with a friend since it got an arcade mode, also as a 2Players battle... As I got a friend who like these battle games, It would really make him happy to know that I have that stuff on my PC... You too, the player who read this review would not really like to remove this game so fast from your PC... And it gives a very classic feel of the 24Bit neogeo machines... No problems for me with it's gameplay... It is very good too by the way! Yeah, I'm not like the other guys who played it...

Overally, it is so good, that I don't even want to try and make such stuff... Good to me. I just got what I wanted!

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