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Review: Return to Isle Pokuh
Author: Yai7
Added: 09/08/2007

First, here's a Char-taker joke!
You know, They one who invent the Chess... I got only two words for describing it's game!
"Suck! Mate"

Into the reviewing of Rtip!
Unlike Chess, this game is actually awesome!
Basically, Like in Phredreeke's previews games you play the infamous Scurvy Sanchez, in another of his quests!

This time, he met up with his beloved Sarah on this great Island Pokuh.

On his way to pass and meet his squeeze, he is being blocked by a cloaked woman, who charge him 5 coins, after a short argument she raise the place for 15 coins... Upset Scurvy then, turns back in his way to find these 15 coins to pay the girl in cloak for letting him grant his desire to meet Sarah!

The game is just awasome! So smoothly programmed! Perfectly designed, and the puzzles are completely decent and wisely made!!! My goodness! An exellent work!

How does it presented in this game?
The way the levels are designed for example!
You get a powerup on one stage, and then gets back to another, to find another coin, So similar to Mario64! Each of it's 3 Stages offers Varaity of activities and tasks to find these coins! You basically have to kill the critters you meet for a coin, find a treasure map to find a burried coin, and a shovel to dig it, throw boxes at crates which holds the coins insides of them... Wonder way can't that so sexy cloaked girl doing it by her own... You also explore caves, solve it's little wise level design for getting each coin, the way everything mixed up is just turning so great! Treasure are buried just in the smartest places to be buried... The Island is just like a great puzzle to solve!

See how a an ape is killed, and fall of a tree, and how a crab critter is killed in the game! That's amazing! You slash it, then jumps on his back! A typical mario style! That rocks!

On the beta test, I even got to see the last boss! Ghee's! He is amazingly programmed! Has many ways to attack, he attack in a classic wonderfully programed way... Basically even the graphics were improved allot!

Greatly improved with the help of Phredreeke's friend, Nikodemus, It contains parallax scrolling
Way better than former, even when Scurvy Sanchez still has his "coordinate problems", see how he walks like! Well, he might born with this problem, as he got to walk like this in any of his games!

Music and Sound:
Nirvana! Phredreeke and Nikodemus, worked up to make all the Midi tunes turn Mod format, So this time it is even Stereo sounded!
How are the sounds? You got Sanchez excitly give a call of a "yeah", when getting a coin, you hear a hit sound when he gets hit, you hear a squirt sound when killing a monkey or a crab, Kinda different than a person expects, but I personally enjoyed that, also Booms, fire sounds, the basics! That makes it! Thank you!

What to improve?
That's not matters for real, since the game is very short, but there's no save system! That's totally suck! well... not!!! Since this game is pretty short and can be done in less than a hour! If your'e knowing this style, then it's no time for you!

Overall, game suck, don't play! Lying to you about quality is fun! Forget what I wrote right now! =D

This game rocks!!! Download!!!

Sound and Music:

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