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Review: Floating Head Santa
Author: Stephen [NeonairGames]
Added: 12/11/2007

In a weird bleak with freezing cold, eternal snow, and upside-down Christmas ornaments, the world is in need of a hero. The evils of platypuses and zebras in trenchcoats threaten to ruin Christmas forever! However, there is one who can stop this madness... a jolly old elf who can fly, can destroy all in his path, yet has absolutely no legs. Our hero in this Super Mario-style Christmas Classic is Floating Head Santa! And he's ready to plow through immense levels of action, daring, and no pants!

Immediately, the players are presented with a beautiful and colorful title screen fitting the joyous holiday spirit! Snow is falling, bright red ornaments foreshadow the challenges ahead, and big lettering demands the player to press any key to continue!

Floating Head Santa was made specifically for The Daily Click's 2004 Christmas Competition. The theme: make a mario-style Christmas platformer! Floating Head Santa emulates the spirit of mario games perfectly, and in fact heightens the entire mario game experience to great new levels! The engine design is flawless, the custom platform movement is smooth, and the enemy AI is equally impressive!

The graphics are just astounding! It melds perfectly with the gameplay and immerses the player in its world, as if one actually gets to be Floating Head Santa, leaping through exciting, trecheroous levels fighting to save the North Pole from the hoards of upside-down ornaments! The gradient backgrounds blend seamlessly with the game environment, and the sprites are bright, colorful, and embody the merriment of the holiday spirit!

Although most of the music isn't original, the selections could not have been better. The ambience provided by midis from random Internet Sources and the guitar wailing of Led Zepellin on the title screen set the cheerful mood for the game. They meld with all the other elements to create a most memorable Christmas gaming experience!

I've found myself coming back to play this game numerous times after beating it the first time. It's such a great game that it doesn't need fancy side-quests or minigames to provide players with hours of replay fun! The game itself provides a unique experience leading players to relive the experience time and time again, fueling the Christmas spirit in their hearts!

Undisputably, Floating Head Santa is possibly the best klik game ever created! It rivals classics such as Eternal Daughter, The Spirit Engine, and even...even...the gems of klik classics that have yet to come! However, words do not do this diamond of a game justice alone. I encourage everyone to download this game for themselves, to truly experience the epicnessocity that Floating Head Santa embodies. If you've already played it, DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN and RELIVE the Christmas memories of olde! Merry Christmas, and Hannukah, and Kwanza, and PIRATES!!!

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Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 12th November, 2007

"In a weird bleak"

uh... bleak is used as a noun.
Actually I meant to say "In a bleak world"
Posted by Windybeard Games 12th November, 2007

Posted by Ricky 16th November, 2007

You have made a mockery of the review system, and yet have interested me in downloading it.
Posted by The Chris Street 16th December, 2007

I've got this sudden desire to punch you in the face after reading that review.
Posted by eyeangle 30th March, 2008

I downloaded this because of your review. Need I say more...


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