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Review: Elementum
Author: Yai7
Added: 22/03/2010

I've seen this in it's online version, it's awesome and neat.

You match colored elemental blocks gaining a chain reaction causing events in this game.

This is a very decent type of puzzle game, well made, very relaxing and overally more than just decent

You have to gather elemental blocks together, it is pretty easy to understand, and each type of element has it's own effect on board. Try to refill the time bar as much as you can by gathering many as you can of these shapes It always good to know it was done in many new innovative ways.

Eye candy graphics, no need to say more... Well, you can defiantly see that each tile in the game has it is own unique animation and effect... Flowers that goes bloom, moons that cycle, electricity blocks which thunders rolling out of... Firey fire from fire blcok and icicles from the ice block. Very impressive

Pleasent to the ear, unique for each tile, suprising and innovative.

It's a casual game. You come and go. Perfect for relaxation. very neat addition to facebook Could be a well homebrew for the Wii

Well quality of piece they have here, author done a very good job. Defiantly proffesionaly done in so many aspects: Graphics, sound and gameplay. All combined together into a complete piece and make a wonderful toy for you to play on free events.

Sound and Music:

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