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Review: Ruined in Wario
Author: Yai7
Added: 22/03/2010

With sprites taken from the real Wario Game for the GBA this is a short time trial for the player to gather back all wario's stolen tressure.

Very short for a real wario game, but somehow similar to the Made in Wario titles.

All of Warios movements included in this game, you can tackle, lift objects and pound enemies, very similar to these games made by nintendo. However, for a reason you can still figure out it is a click game, the whole feel just hand over this fact

All taken from Wario Land 4 for the Gameboy Advance. Well ripped, but from what I've impressed, they were all blended to the basic impression of a platform game, however, the combo moves is something new in matter of graphics, all the power outlines that come out from every special move

Taken from various sources, also from Wario's games. Generic to such type of games. You got the overall feel of made in Wario.

Very short. Used to trick and train your fingers for a faster go of this game. This was something I played for only a very short time just to see what it is. Basically it is for the Wario's whole impression.

Nice try in making a fan game using a click product, but at the same time giving the feel it is a fan based game. The whole game is about seing how fast are you compared to other players who experienced this game.

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