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Review: Mini Sound Studio
Author: Yai7
Added: 22/03/2010

It may be abit pointless to Review it, but Ryan is a good friend of mine, and he done here a nice little project of his own.

This is a rythem tool that is used to make short tunes with various samples that you can load to the program.

No sounds come with the program so I recommand you either downloading these from the net, or make your own.

More like usage here. There are some definations you can revise, such as sound frequency and tempo. all used to help you create a decent simple or more complex tune. Ryan is also a musician if you didn't know.

Basic and simple for such program, you though change the color of the program to blue, green or red. You can also load yourself a grid image.

Oh! It's your own sound! The tune that you make and you will decide how the end result will sound. This therefore, gives the program a full score in this catergory since this what the program was made for at the first place.

While it's not a proffesional tool, it may depend on you, either if you are a music lover or not. It seems that you can make many artworks with this, but it also seems more like an experimental work from Ryan.

Your indy tool for making music and rythem using your own samples. It's free, it was made by a free spirited performer. Try it for how unique it is.

Sound and Music:

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