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Review: super samurai
Author: Yai7
Added: 14/04/2010

For the sake of a nice tag, I'll write my impression of my quick play in this game.

Ninjas of course are amazing, and this ninja is one type of a guy. He won't give up so easy on his mission to defeat the devil king who took over his land.

Gameplay is very well made, It seems to manipulate the basic movement of MMF2 (Which click team by the way has done wonders to.) As you can double jump... Typically to a Ninja! Objective of the game is simple: You have to collect all the scattered rings on stage, to complete a section. There are 3 section per level, after this, there's a boss fight. It starts off easy and then gets harder.

Graphics are typical for an average click game, but still done well. Though it was said that the game has gore, I've seen it pretty mild, means other games has gashes of blood that are better to my taste. What amazed me, is the revive scene of the ninja out of his grave when choosing to continue after being defeated. It was done wonderfuly, means I add one point more for the amazing continue scene!

Taken from various Ninja Games, the music is a traditional ninja game style. It fits the game but it isn't original. I personally found it unpleasant as it seemed to be done allot. Blame midi sources on the internet for lack of originality. Luckily, I can reccomand the Musician, Jason Orme, that created many good midi files in various styles.

Seems decent, If the whole game is that frustrating as what I've been into, then it may last the right decent time for a typical ninja game!

Good. Ninja drawn decently, Enemies are fine and interesting, whole composition is decent, levels are short (Non scrolling) and reliable. Deceant amount of materials in the composition. Very Well.

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Posted by kksonwhowho 15th April, 2010

nice review
Posted by johnpow66 15th April, 2010

yep very nice review, nice 2 see my game helped u get a new tag


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