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Review: Swap it!
Author: Yai7
Added: 14/04/2010

This is a two players game.
If only I had someone to play with, but my friend was sleeping by the time I was playing, and... I don't like to compete.

Well, it seems that this game made by a genious.
The overall feel of this game makes that feel.
The mild and minimal "Art-Deco" style of graphics,
the shape of tiles that represent player and each...

Each player must "eat" his opponent. How is it done? Seemingly, Each turn, a player switch tiles to open a path, reaching to another player. A place that was switches cannot back replaced, so at a point the game might come to an end... As soon as you made your way to the other player, when you near him, you have a chance to catch him and win a point. Very innovative idea, that belongs only to people who are true genious, or at least gifted in brains.

Simple, Minimal, but somewhat eye candy. Colors are well used and blended, as it makes a good defination between player and board. I've noticed that important objects are these that are colored, such as board tiles, and players, and the background decoration is more pale. Seems like a thought was put over here too.

Sympathetic, but pretty annoying. The music seemed to be taken from the click library or from a typical midi source The sounds are neat clicks and blimps. Fits the game, and add abit of competition enviroment.

Short paced session, play as you want, as long as you want... Come back later for another saturday of free time, (if you tend to work and play at saturday. (-; )

Good game, simple, well programmed, well calculated. The creator seems to have a neat way of thinking and seem like a very intelligent person by the overall feel. I noticed also that the author is from Israel, and that add another neat look for the people in that country, as not many Israelis use click products that aren't click and play, and it is not well known in Israel. Good job. Very intelligent feel, very original idea, well programmed.

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