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Review: Alex Adventure
Author: Yai7
Added: 14/04/2010

Ok. After trying this game I must say it is a really one decent puzzle adventure similar abit to Battle Kid for the Nes. Only much slow paced, fair and relaxed than.

There are six treasures to be collected, each located in a different path, and can be found if going to a different area.

A platform game with puzzle elements similar also to this of Nes titles Metroid and Hebereke. Alex is in a large map and is and open area, means that you can go to different locations. Some are being unlocked by finding keys or special items trough the progress. Difficulty is mild, since you have unlimited continues and check points are scattered trough area. There are 2 weapons introduced to me, the pea shooting gun, and much later on game, a missle luncher which push you back when you shoot, making it more challenging. Anyway, levels are fairly passable if you aim to complete the game and find all treasures Game devided into 2 worlds, each holds 3 treasures, and since it is devided into several parts, you can come back later to play again and collect a different treasure in a totally different part on the level. Game itself is also devided to parts which are more puzzle like, and other parts are the action platformer that demands more gaming skills.

Not much needed to be an effort on the graphics here, probably because the gameplay is the more important part. Still it serves the game well. Has many decorations that are part of the level itself. The character sprite is banal and seem simple, and so does many of the cute pixelated enemies which are actually much cuter than the player. It was just neat to shoot these cute mushroom like monsters.

Exellent ambience, both sounds and music. Most of the time the music is soft, quiet and relaxing, often gloomy or giving the world of the game it's unique odd feel. Sounds are quiet and soft too, pleasant to ear, all make a good relaxation in this another world.

Since there are 6 different treasures, and at least 4 of them has differnt path to be taken into, it length the game much more than it seems at start. Maps isn't seems to be large at first impression but what the author juiced from it is exellent. Still, the game can be complete after about 2 hours or less, once that you figured out what to do.

Nice piece of quality A game which seems shorter than it is, but has a decent lastability. A fine adventure to play with relaxing intimate ambience and feel, which you can deeply sunk into and one pissed bomberman like boss with crushing boxing gloves.

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