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Review: Click Copter
Author: Yai7
Added: 15/04/2010

Wonderful presentation for a click game.
What so special in it is that you can see and feel it's a click game, but then see how proffesionaly it was made and how high quality and bug free is the game.

You control a small flying robot that can shoot into any direction you point with the mouse, and your objective is to reach the end of the level without being destroyed.

Luckily you have an infinith number of continues, means you can play more and allot without restarting the whole game

Starts fairly easy, then increasing in difficulty. Control must getting used to since it needs good eye hand coordination. You play with both keyboard and mouse. One great point is the veriety of weapons the game offer you to use except for your regular shots. Randomly kill and enemy and it spown a power up, shield, machine gun, missles, laser, light saber, bombs and more! Also, there is a druid that gets your abilities as you collect it, means that it will for example use light saber if you already collected it, and other weapons as well if you are equiped with, similar to the helper in Kirby's Super Star. Unless you get a shield the player's robot will be destroyed by one hit, but luckily there are enough shield powerup recieved from enemies. Still the shield is one hit more, and it protects you from losing a weapon. Hit one more and you lose your weapon, leaving you with your weak pallet gun. The most amazing part are the bosses, that magnicicently made from various parts and turrets, and as they spin, they spin the whole shape very smoothly, reliably, and effective! The are really well programmed.

Superb, Though you feel it is a click game. Parralex scrolling, detailed pixel art, great blast effects, and all detailed. At the begining you can even choose the color of the C-Copter you play with!

All original, Midi music that was done really professional, great sounds effects, all fits the game, It is noticable that a good work has been done here!

Difficulty increases the lastabilty of this game, various of weapons give it the taste to play, and add it the unique bosses. But for me, one sit of trying to get as far as I can is enough. I don't want to come back and challange myself more. Because I'm that kind of person. It might be played several times by others I may be sure

Great work, you can obviously see how smooth is everything, and how everything put into place well. You can notice it is a click game, also by the name it was given to, but that's what makes a strong point in it being such!

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Posted by 19th April, 2010

i like....


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