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Review: Alex Kidd in Miracle World Fan Game
Author: Yai7
Added: 25/11/2010

This is showing well the capability off MMF in making a remake of classic oldschool video games for home consoles.

Just a minute to tell a little anecdote that Alex Kid and me, NastyMan were separated at birth. Both had different life. Alex Kidd turn into platforming and NastyMan choose the path of the more bizarre quest/puzzle game, and both rocks... Uh, Alex Kidd more I guess.

The game is a remake and Alex behave and move almost like in the original as the feel and touch is very close I may say, at least 75% loyal to it's source, At least! Off course if you exclude some of it's small bugs and flows... My character once got stuck in the cave level after I died and reappeared. Reappearing is also disappointing since in the original the screen turn black for a moment and the game returned back to the map screen

Plays mostly if not almost exactly like the original Alex Kidd as you can see when you play it, it contains many of the original elements, but since it's a presentation demo it lacks of the water level which you can swim and doesn't contain the motor boat, the copter and the 3 henchmen which you beat by playing rock-paper-scissors. Still, many of the elements of the original game are here but you can also find that annoying dark mage that follow you to destruct you if you pick the wrong "?" marked box, it is annoying even more than the original in this game! We use click team products here! Not the same rules always, Remember that!

Just like Alex Kidd, all ported from the game itself, pixelated and eye-candy! No more need to describe! Scored this mark for being ported & ready made!

Exactly like Alex Kidd! The same jump noise, the same boulder sound when you smash the rock, the same neat effects that the original had! The same feel they imitated that infamous Mario dude! Good choice! The only problem I could think about was having the same tune over and over... Though It's a demo, it could have more themes from the game in it!

3 levels, kinda makes it difficult if you pop up the "?" marked box and that dark wizard come out and chase you... That's annoying! Anyway, it's a demo and it's short!

Good job with the remake! Beside several flaws related to MMF product and coding problems you got yourself a neat attempt to clone the original Alex Kidd! Getting the copter, The boat and the henchmen would be a waste of time as this game is very difficult and most of us won't be able to see them anyway! No... Not so serious! Now go make the "Arcade World"!

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