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Review: Cave of no Return
Author: Yai7
Added: 28/11/2010

Most awesome games could be only in gray shades of colors! Did you knew that? So this game, cave of no return! A classic 16Bit looking fascinating game where you play a girl who run into the cave of no return and must avoid all the hazards this cave contain while she runs and runs and runs!

A very simple gameplay! Also very smooth! Tap down button to slide and be fast enough before the top of the cave collapse on you... Jump and avoid objects, also slide under different traps in the cave and avoid all other hazards. Very smooth, very good, works really well! Great work!

Amazing! Gray-scale is something really sexy to have! It has a 16bit style, and sprites are well drawn! Watch for parallax background which move smooth and beautiful as you progress the exploration in the cave you enter into!

Decent music, fast paced and fit and the sounds are just chipping into the fast paced gameplay. The most dominant sound is the top of the cave that collapse on you. Keep running fast and hear the tap of your feet running in the ground of the cave! Excellent! Fast paced as well as relaxing!

Play as long as you want, and try beating the online score, how awesome this game looks and feel it is actually a mini-game as it seems!

Excellent execution! Brilliant move but a great throwback to these early days of 16Bit arcade machines! Chip in a coin and play, only nowadays it is free and just awaits for people like Andres to make these classics! Way to go!

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