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Review: Car race LCD
Author: Yai7
Added: 29/11/2010

Let's review a very simple game for the Upcoming Christmas! This game is an attempt to imitate an LCD game from the kind that was popular at the end of the 80's. I myself had such as a child

As a typical LCD game it meant to be simple, but how simple an LCD game can go? Is it just avoiding stuff? I had a race car game which you also had to park at a gas station for refueling and extra points, Each 3 parks you were getting a roulette and an extra life if you score three pairs of special marks! This game, lacks this sophistication and could have it! Why not having it if these at the 80's who made the real thing had this option? Well, because this game is free.

The simple LCD, with LCD marks like in a real game. However not in the colors of a real LCD game and not much in a feel of a real LCD game. It aims however.

The sound in this game is beeps and blips, but still, they aren't like the classic sound of a real retro LCD game, but far imitation!

I Just checked this game! It won't last long. Would you play an LCD game today when you got things like New Super Mario Bros or Starcraft?

Overally, this is a fine attempt of making an LCD game! My recommendation for a real good attempt would be an LCD like version of "Dodgeman" which you can find on Newgrounds!

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