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Review: Puzlox Blox Revolution
Author: Yai7
Added: 29/11/2010

Aren't we tired of this type of games? Well! Not if it was made purely with Multimedia Fusion!

I couldn't believe someone could ever come with such type of game for Multimedia fusion and I'm impressed, though it has it's limitations such as a manual game halt, as the game doesn't recognize you having no patterns left.

Gameplay is simple an is in any kind of it's type. Click 3 bloxs of the same color or more, and gain score, each time you click on, they get eliminated from the board and you have to make your choice what to click next then.

The Graphics are just colorful and excellent, varied and changing per level you pass! You even have Muppets shaped blocks! Yay! =D

Music in this game is just excellent! Doesn't fit for such game from it's epicness! Boy! How does the music could just be sold well on websites like bandcamp. Instead we got the whole music track for free and we can listen to it as much as we want for free! Wow!!!

Note that this is a casual game! It will last like many of these casual games and should have been an online flash exported game on MochiGames!

Way to go for the great success of creating such type of game using the Multimedia Fusion software! Really! Way to go there!

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