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Review: Dungeon TV Factory
Author: Yai7
Added: 29/11/2010

Dungeon TV Factory is a unique puzzle game starring Fish-Head and High-Hair, defiantly two character that we all had enough of...! J/K! Just very popular in the click scene!

This time they are back to this package of 8 factory puzzles!

The objective is to package both statues and ship them out of the factory. Then, leave factory. The game is similar to Sokoban and it's type of games, push objects and avoid getting them stuck or getting stuck by yourself. Hazards in this game are spikes, and water pool areas which you have to push blocks in order to step on them. You switch characters by pressing switch, From Fish-Head to High-Hair and back, both must co-oporate to escape from these 8 levels of factory! Collect 10 small packages to get extra time since you have 3 minutes to finish each puzzle. The brilliant concept is that some buttons in the factory can be only pressed by Fish-head, and others only by High-Hair as well as some must be pushed by both characters at the same time! Brilliant concept so it get's full score!

The graphics are typical to Fish-head games, as well as to puzzle games, makes it good or at least very decent... All eye-candy for such type of games. Fish-Head's theme is all green, and High-Hair theme is all red so you can call what and which belong to what! Very well organized and colorful!

Music is same at all levels, but really fits for a factory puzzle based game. The theme plays faster when there is no time left but 1 minutes. Really useful... Seems that it is more functional than an ambiance The sounds itself is simple, mostly button clicks or "Aw" sound when a character hit, simple but mostly functional and serving the purpose of the game! Very well fitting!

There are total of 8 Puzzles! 2 of them at least that I checked was pretty intense, and required some skill of thinking. Very good! And I don't need more than 8 puzzles! Just what I needed! Thanks allot! Now I should let my friends play it too!

Hayo knows how to make games, that's for sure... I really enjoyed that puzzle though I'm annoyed that I can't make such good games as him. A very very well made puzzle type game!

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