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Review: Pegs Plus
Author: Yai7
Added: 29/11/2010

Pegs Plus, A fantastic brain stimulating puzzle game though it's simplicity! It will give you your time of solving 15 different puzzle, all are very interesting to try and solve!

Though it's simplicity it is a very fun and unique puzzle game so don't let the simple look deceive you!

The objective in this game is to get rid of all shapes by matching them. We saw this on games like Brix and Puzznic only this doesn't have the platform gravity elements of the former, it is much more simple, but challenging as well! The programmer must be very intelligent and logical and I must be pretty wise to discover it by solving all 15 puzzles... I hope at least! Match two shapes by pushing them. Pushing a triangle makes a block which you can't move or pass trough, matching two plus signs make a shape of your desire, so you can later use it to match it with a shape that left with no match! Brilliant!

The graphics are all gray-scale, simple, and a bit LCD looking. Nothing special, this game is about thinking and solving and not have to look attractive!

No sound, no music! Puzzles!

15 different puzzles! The smart you are the less it will take you to solve the puzzles! Don't give up, as they are possible as I saw and will provide you an hour of entertainment if you are in the right thinking level to solve it! It's not hard! Then, test your friend to see if they are able as well to solve this and show them with pride that all levels got unlocked by you!

Overally it is a very good game! It could always be transported into a more colorful well designed game instead of the simple monochrome, but yes, this just works well, plays well and provide you about a good hour of stimulated thinking!

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