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Review: Bird 2
Author: Yai7
Added: 30/11/2010

Bird 2 is a very nice little game featuring beautiful pixel art and various things to do!

That bird that you play, must find it's lost stamps, all gathered by accomplishing different tasks given by several animals!

Our main enemy here will be the bomb that will be chasing you.

Gameplay is simple, guide the bird by clicking with the feather shaped mouse, beware of the bomb that chase you at the sand pool, and collect the coins that pops up. Then you can use the coins for a hint from the info bot, or buy your stamps from the different animals, as well as completing them various missions!

The graphics are simple but beautiful, mostly a strong presence of pixel-art also as noble pictures at the various stamps that the different animals give you once you complete their missions.

The music of Bird 2 is an amazing chiptune, there are 4 different songs that play in loop but you can choose what to play. I liked them all! Sound is also bleeps and beeps and fits the game well! This is mostly the strong part! The music of this game!

It was said clearly that this game is for relaxation, so visit it each time to relax. You can finish the game in 10 to 20 minutes and it isn't long, all in one screen. Give it a go!

Overall, a very nice piece of art! How lovely! This bird is a great model to learn from about cooperation, and it is a nice game for everyone!

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Posted by Vertigo 6th December, 2010

Thanks for this nice review This drives me to make more of this games in the future


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