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Review: Penguinz
Author: Yai7
Added: 13/12/2010

Penguinz is a puzzle like game inspired probably by Lemmings. The task is simple.

Guide 10 penguins from start to exit while placing them a way to move freely!

The gameplay is off course a gameplay of Puzzle, Even on easy it seems abit difficult to not figure out the right pattern of snow to guide all penguins trough. So patient is needed in several of the stages! Game play is very smooth, Guide all penguins trough the level, pack out snow to break them a way out to the door, smoother than Lemmings, simpler than Lemmings and brighter than Lemmings!

Graphics are very good, created also by Adam Lobackz it features cute simple animations of penguins and tons of ice, that keep being gathered. As it seems, there are special map files for each level! Wow!

Sound in this game is no more than ice being break, and simple penguin cries. The music however is pure clear and smooth mp3 tunes that pretty kicks!

The game may last abit, especially on harder levels when the snow is not so simple to be broken. To unlock more levels of the then available, all penguins in the previous map point must be saved! So it will keep getting you replay the levels

Overall, Better than lemmings! That's for sure my opinion, Because it is much more simple and smooth in gameplay, you will be amazed how an idea that is similar to lemmings can be so simple and smooth! Very good! :-D

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Posted by Ski 16th December, 2010

Lobackz lol


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