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Review: Mr. Roboto
Author: Yai7
Added: 22/04/2011

Oh! Pretty! I got to play this game on Newgrounds, and as far as I remember it was great as it presents a level quality of "Adobe Flash" made games!

You play a robot who failed to follow it's creator orders... Now he is on the run for failure of being evil but cute... Therefore, you play that cute loving machine over various puzzle areas, solving it's different mechanisms!

The Gameplay of this, is a run & jump puzzle genere. You go along your path by getting the right solution for the room, also avoiding obstacles as any other platform game might feature you You will be using hot-air hover-pads to get into higher places, use other robots to manipulate them or destroying them in order to progress, activate buttons and lay Timed-bombs over walls and floors. This is program very very well, in a level of a freelance profession I dare to say!

You may see that the graphics of this game gives a strong feel it was created by Adobe Flash but the loading screen at the beginning of the application hand over the fact it is a click game! This is very very surprising, as it is very slick and smooth, and neat! Actually, the whole presentation is of a classic flash game, with a related level select menu we seen in many of these "casuals"!

As far as I remember, I wouldn't mind the music at all... Sound were these of blasts and bombs, fire and bumping... At worst case, it could remind me songs that I don't like... But who don't have such things when it is coming to video-games? Actually it was story feed intro who I had a problem with the music, since I know that tune. It is a fantasy world theme which is very Net famous classic/public domain melody, I myself had it's MP3 back when I was at high-school... It is defiantly an old piece related to net terms and might being used in various other occasions... This is the only thing that bothered me since I am using the net since the year of 96'-7'.

Like any casual game of that kind, it will last depend on how clever you are to solve this... And it may differ at any case you either give or don't give up... As I remember some puzzles I couldn't figure out... But the lower level puzzles who came right after the basic tutorial-like ones, were sure fun and entertaining, as they had their own very neat twist... Who ever feel like sticking to a casual games will probably play it more, so therefore I would rate it's lastability as causal game related.

Overall, this is an excellent product in a very similar quality of an Adobe-Flash title! It plays exact like any causal games of that type. Add it some Mochi-Ads and related and it should make a small or even a notable profit!

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Posted by Willy C 22nd April, 2011

Awesome review, you Nasty person!


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