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Review: MegaCity
Author: Yai7
Added: 27/02/2012 14:51:31

This game is wonderful, yes, it is very good, all have done neat in style and is interesting & addicting to play, is fast paced and will keep you up to do the task of "building" the liniar form of the city in the game.
This makes a very fun and entertaining game!

The gameplay features you long lasting fast paced puzzle game that will entertain you for a neat while of time. On the board, you have to place building in a way that it will increase likehood scores and you must avoid the more nasty buildings such as prisons and factory to turn building nearby have a negetive rate. Anyway, the rate can be increased when you place a positive altitude building such as schools and parks.

The graphics in this game are all smooth, neat and eye pleasing as it requested and demanded for a casual game! Good job has been done here!

The game have a quiet ambience of the streets and sounds from any different building making it a sure pleasing to the ear! Neat and quiet and make a good ambience.

You will stay and play for long and will come back for more challange of the puzzle, the ambience and the scores that rack up as long as you progress, as well for the raising difficulty. It is amazing how much thought must be put in placing each building, so you would sure come back for more, mostly if you are a brainiac and can hold for additional challange

Overally, this is a wonderful and great game. The design of it is amazing and is very well programmed.

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