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Review: Plisken
Author: Yai7
Added: 31/12/2013 15:30:20

Plisken is an excellent tool to use on youtube videos! It separates a video into 26 parts which you can skip to by tapping the letter from Q to M depends on the part you desire to watch

It can be useful in many different ways like skipping into a point in a rant that you desire to hear, or an entertaining point in a video or when it is your presentation, being uploaded to youtube, you can easily point to a part that you are interested that your peers will watch.

I found it useful to skip to a specific point in a soundtrack for example or a music album that has been uploaded to youtube like that excellent Starship Amazing's Ruby Dagger

It is useful!

This is played on a website, and is very simple to use! Just insert a tag and press space on your keyboard. Then, press the desired letter on the keyboard that represent the desired part on the song or presentation you want to hear or watch

Graphics are simple, You, the website, the YouTube and the instruction that are presented at the begining!

That gadget I review now, plays the video without any interruption of sound and keeps the videos played smoothly without any problem! Good job has been done!

The use of that widget will last depend on how much you'd like using it! It may have a good use for you at times so do not give up on that! Good job!

Overally, it is an overall waste of your time. My average youtuber, but it is an extreme fun and just because not many want to know what it is for or accept my claims on how to use it, does tells these aren't the ways you can truly use it! No! I am not serious about the last quota! Test this fun thing now! Use it for your joy and need! I recommend!!!

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