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Review: Unknown Game 8913
Author: Yai7
Added: 06/03/2014 15:23:33

3D rendered Adventures for kids that were made with dedication were always a great view in the low budget titles scene. This is for sure one of these games that is eye catchy, colorful and fun to explore made with a lot of affection and effort put into little details

As this is a children game, the gameplay is most placed unto the creative side. Plant, water and chop trees, collect logs and build various machinery with them that will help you extend your business all followed with a cheerful story made especially for the youngsters. There is not much in it in content for each activity but it makes up for it's variety and it's dedication and love put into the game!

The graphics themselves are just eye catchy and beautiful, all has made in rendered 3D and reflecting the friendliness and the kind vibe the game has to offer. It often feels that a big creative and team of designers with a warm heart toward it's young audience has put an effort bringing this final production to our table.

The music of this game as far as I remember is all upbeat, friendly and sympathetic, and the vibrant sounds serve the feeling of the game. Good work has been down on the various ambiance, music & and sounds

Depends on whoever you are, a kid or an adult. On it sole base it can occupy a child for a pretty decent time, letting one play the game for several days and enjoy it. And adult will be impressed by the visuals, sounds and overall feels but pay less attention to the overall experience meaning he might played it less time!

Overall, this is a very cheerful, colorful and upbeat game made with love for it's audience and a lot of dedication. A very quality product! I recommend this for it's experience it gives on playing it and for the well made craft-make it is.

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