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Review: Flappy Beat
Author: Yai7
Added: 05/05/2014 01:09:06

This review will hopefully debate on the use of
content made by another company and it's aspects on this specific game that borrows these related contents as you see, brands like food companies, marketing and even insurance use the same technique to advertise their products.

The same is being done here with Capcom and it's Blue Bomber and offers a strong potential for a commercial take off and a possible contract sign-up between industrial individuals and owners of related video games.

However for this specific title, more motives are possible of being included in such title to make it a share a bond between company and the related re-creation. Something that can be little as a possible short story-line in an additional option indeed.

The gameplay works smooth, mimicking a similar movement in some stages that appears in the classic Megaman series makes it reliable to it's original predecessor of Capcom itself.

Though are ripped, a fair use of graphics has been made to fit the themes of Megaman. Do not let ripped graphics wrong you as other than serving an issue in selling the final result it can work as a tribute and may bring a possible hire of one to a related company for various purposes such as advertising.

Music is ripped the same but the rules does not apply on it as the use of graphics. Basically, making an effort to remix the original may show on creativity and a desire to work for the specific company one will be interested to promote using a tribute.

Most people seems to not last able for a Flappy Bird clone other then the original. However, the sum is greater than most of it's part and a new clone is always welcome and for a simple to copy game, seeing a different take on the same version makes it innovative and long last the life span of both the clone and both the tribute the games takes off with.

Very interesting and useful to see in more type of the same and with the right set it function as a well made tribute for a company who may be interested in it's golden years to be remembered and what may be better than riding on a trend to ship it's own products once again in it's own special way. It got a potential to work out with a specific company who might be interested first with refining material to it's own desired needs. Firm attempt has been done here to cope the feel, vibe and way this game works and the result is defiantly satisfying.

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