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Review: Teen Squad 2
Author: Yai7
Added: 05/05/2014 02:05:50

This is a review of a classic and it deserves a spotlight for once it is a game that cannot be ignored in the scene of kliking

An great applause goes to it's creator

As back in the old classic days it was needed to impress a player by using methods of presentation also as coding that other users mostly lacked the ability to show, but it's surpasses ranged from the full use of vocals in Locked 7 or the special mechanics in another well known series we remember as "Funny Furries".. This time, gameplay is influenced by it's overall design as the character perform the various impressive & extreme movements to a point. This greatly increase the aspects of both lines in fields of gameplay as graphics, as they are all co-operatly balance out the experience

Speaking of graphics, it's time to introduce you another well known series by another famous creator and an extremely talented animator known as David Willis whom his Walkerton series made as in inspiration for this game resulting in graphical level that is so similar in quality to the ones seen on Walkerton... This sums up what the game excels in as at times it surpasses it's subject of inspiration with it's bright fresh naive feeling related to it's days. As only veterans will probably relate I will explain shortly. Graphics looks loony, colorful and exciting, you actually feel as a part of the enthusiastic gang that you play... The levels feels wide, inviting and free to travel trough and has a grand, also vivid overall look at. In addition You get to see hart pounding animated cut-scenes which encourage you to go and play the game and become like the characters themselves in the experience, playing the series of levels, in mission to save the world from and upcoming invasion and threat. This strongly affects Lastability as it attracts the player to keep and play the game... However, the game seems difficult so the aspect may be trimmed down to some who are new and untested to it's gameplay in level and mostly on the various tricky boss scenes

Though sound may seem abit generic to that era, the music fits so strong to the enthusiastic feel. It is all midi, representing the back then times but the feeling of it brings it to be a classic by any mean to it's related discoverers, later admirers of that age. It's vibe of groove, into action and enthusiastic feel of is a musical vibe that may later affect other creators for sure.

Trimmed by it's difficulty, reserved for a more skilled range of players, but for the make up of being presented in an excellent way that willingly pushing you to complete the adventure and fight the tricky bosses along it, stabilize it up in a range that you may quit playing if you feel it is too harsh on you and make you gonna lose your lives too quickly on specific parts on that game, however. the enthusiastic vibe of youth as appearing in this game, mostly on parts when the protagonist cooperates or aid his friends and female counterpart brings to a complex situation where a player refuse to give up of being fed of another juicy rewarding progress in story line, after efforts of completing more and more difficult parts of this delicious and inviting product as it is presented here again by the make & use of these excellent carefree looking graphics.

Overall, this sums up as being one of the best classics of the click scene and is recommended for it's cheery and action paced attitude... It's vibe might make you want to come and perform actions to aid your friends in real life as these quantities are what is need to be used to make you be a constructive youth.

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