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Review: Mr. Mean Green The Fighting Machine
Author: Yai7
Added: 11/05/2014 12:27:24

Mr. Mean Green rocks! Not any other word will do explaining the hardcore feel this fighting machine leads into one's aggressive and violent heart.

Mean Green is very very difficult if you do not know how to fight and deal with the moving attackers on the levels, you can waste your life meter in minutes and a player may find it difficult to regenerate it. For sure a play want a pure beat em' up where you just go mean and green but as you encounter the first boss for an instance you must also use your quick maneuvering over the zone, your thinking and reflexes as well

Speaking of graphics, it would be so simple but yet so outstanding to look at the trippin' vibe out graphics of this game to know how vivid and ecstatic the feel of the game is... With simple lines and quick use of colors the author gets an outstanding result that proves that the is no need in an impressive technique to make a game feel like an old-school viber!!!

When you hear the game's music you will as well get amazed by the graphics as the music itself is trippy, yet pushy and aggressive and this makes it an outstanding mixture of total bad-ass feeling!!! The music just rocks hard and show the tough cheery attitude of it's creator who probably do eat rocks and then run intensively a really long distance in a quickest time to crush his fists for it's next meal! Totally into a chargin' smash!!!

Therefore, Depends on the skill level of the player the game will supply it's moments more or less according to, for example, the total times you die on a level, and the readiness from your behalf to continue fighting into menace and kick some more hostile metal scrappers a$$...!!!

The game could be superb, and actually it is, but steam classic level of games surpass it's quality so a reviewer my be forced to leave conservative comment... I wanted to give it an 8 but something just made me say... Damn! I can't wipe that green menace out of my boiling and aggressive mind and it's overwhelmingly exciting chiptune and level overall feel!!! I am gonna get crush into a stone wall not before I raise this game's score a pound crusher 9!!! Rage on!!! Let's punch the nemesis in it's crutch and break them down foes into wreck and ruin!!! F857in' Superb beat-em-pounding-crusherz in da' face!!!

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