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Review: TGF1 Tetris V.0.7
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 16/05/2018 02:25:06

The presentation was great. I really like the title screen and how the word "TETRIS" was scrolling along the screen making it look like you are playing a Tetris arcade machine.

The gameplay was good, but there's only one problem I have with it. Usually in the real Tetris, whenever you hold down and a piece touches the bottom or another piece, it takes a while for the next piece to appear, but here if you do that, the next piece will immediately come out and can cause you to place the piece on a spot where you didn't want it at, which can also cause you to lose faster.

The graphics were ok, but I wish that there was more color in the game or something to make it look more colorful. Instead it just looks like a game that was made for the Virtual Boy, and we all know about that console!

There wasn't really any music and sfx! It could've had like a remix of the Tetris theme or something, but instead there wasn't any!

The lastability was meh, and I know it's just an aracde game and all and you don't really expect some sort of lastibility from it, but I say meh because it's not really as addicting as I expected it to be like the actual Tetris, and since there's no music to entertain you, it will become boring after a while.

Overall, TGF1 Tetris is ok, the presentation was great, the gameplay was good and the graphics were ok, but it does lack music and sfx and there could've been so much more to make it last longer and make it more addicting. If you are a Tetris fan, I would say give it a try, but if you haven't played Tetris before, I would say just play the original first. ooo, you did ok on this one, and I hope you'll be able to make better games in the future, but good effort on this one! ;)

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Posted by BigAl0104 16th May, 2018

I misspelled "arcade" on lastability, ugh!
Comment edited by BigAl0104 on 16/05/2018
Posted by five 16th May, 2018

Thanks for the review.
Posted by BigAl0104 16th May, 2018

No preblem, hopefully this review provided you some feedback.
Posted by BigAl0104 28th May, 2018

For everyone who read the review, the developer actually fixed some of the things that I complained about in the review, the graphics are now colorful, and there is a pause before the next piece comes out. There still isn't any music, but at least he added one sfx, but that kinda doesn't change it. I will give 2 more stars for graphics, 1 for gameplay, and 1 for sound and music. The new overall score will be 7/10!
Comment edited by BigAl0104 on 28/05/2018
Posted by five 26th June, 2018

Thanks man.
Btw press F1 for options when you see the Tetris word scrolling.
Comment edited by PolyoekkoJ on 27/06/2018


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