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Review: Eternal Daughter
Author: Yai7
Added: 21/06/2002

Good job has done here by leaving a trail of, Uh.
Glowing dust? Hmmm... Nevermind. I found myself have Good/Bad time, Depending on the stronger side of my personality at a time... However. As far as I can see and guess, This game supposed to be the best klik games. at least by the rumors. I can't really tell you. due to the fact that 9 Megabytes seemed to be very heavy for me until few days ago. But as I heard this exciting name withtout the words: Preview and demo...

Anyway. This is the best klik game ever. between the games I was playing in the past few months. Still, I am not sure if this is really "Da-Best" but, hey! Lots of work has been done here! Though I was never sure if toads has such flat hands. Man! The animations kicks! Every creature has many frames of animations with wide variaty of standing positions, And that means that the crabs are perfectly use to cover their heads by their claws and shell. And the toads has flat hands. Check out the amazing movement of Mya. It is definitely A great job, since not many people really know to draw someone with a perfect spinning jump. Sonic's jump from it's 16Bit games seems odd next to mya's. By the way. If we speak about 16Bit. This game's style seems to have a smoothness that is typical to SuperNes . It has the right sprites to make it a strong competitor to many classic 16bit creations of game art. Still due to the limitation of MMF.

the backgrounds of this game are static. Multimedia fusion is lack of the very basic ability of snes and megadrive games: active backgrounds. But I don't care. This game can be considered as a new limit for the art of klik. Tomorrow. you might see many clones of this type pops up tomorrow. Anyway. have you ever heard about the strange ripped clone: "Chaos Gate"? Ok! Just Kidding!!!

As I said. Graphic are superb. There was probably made by hard work , Pixel by pixel has been set to build us lovely trees and desert ruins, the toads the troopers and so on. If only I could get farther.
And that's the problem. I am a "loser" who just can't swim. I got easily defeated by flat hand toads. And skewed by skeletons and there is nothing worse than hearing the "nice" welcoming music of the "Game Over" screen. I did'nt really counted but I guess heard this cheesy music at least as the number of times that my lovely stupid parents called me to have dinner and I refused to come. (That's why my weight is under 60Kilo). Anyway. Though this game was graphically great, And so does the gameplay. (Ohmyg! She can shoot knifes by pressing up and Ctrl! and the knife hit the wall and bounce away! Just as I always dreamed!) The music made me sick! And I know. It was extremely beautiful music. But I don't really like mixing MegaMan's music with Finel Fantasy's nes and snes, melodies.

Moreover. I can swear that the creator of this game had former experience and inspiration by playing "Breath of Fire". it has similar lines of story I guess. But hey! I did'nt played "Breath of Fire" that long to know. But I can swear that playing "Breath of Fire" was far way easyer at the beginning! Is "ED" also has something to do with big evil dragons?

And a last request. I was playing this with my SideWinder. I demand a fully joystick support due to the fact that I have to press Ctrl every time I face someone I can handle a long conversation with, I had to press the control key even more than I died here! But I like side winder!

I just hope I could be able some day to beat this game, Because this seems to be abit hard for the twisted mind of me. But whaaaaa! I want to obtain the feeling of beating a dragon and pass more acts in this game to see all the lovely sprites the games has to offer. Sure, I defiantly need more 7ups too since I am easily being defeated. And cola please.



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