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13th April, 2017 at 13/04/2017 22:39:26 -

I just realized! For years they put all their efforts to raise a fake play when they lie to me that I indeed have an issue and over they years I started to believe their suggestion that I indeed at a time lose control and hurt everyone around me violently or sexually. They made me doubt myself. They made me believe the findings and researches telling that one diagnosed with mental illness is prone to lose his mind and flip out and violently attack.

I didn't use any complex thinking to understand it. Just put 1+1 to realize it.
Sadly, Though I surely convinced it is psychiatry's fault, I am still deeply in my bones afraid to flip out and lose control. I know it was a manipulation done on me, but why do I still feel I am gonna lose my mind and hurt somebody, where it will be rape or violent act?

Sorry for being so direct. I trust you people to know and respond without trying to quarantine such a delicate subject!

Yet, I doubt if someone will believe me that they put a pretend show to convince every one of their patients and their families that something is wrong with them. Or at least many of them. A head psychiatrist and it's supporters may claim it is a conspiracy theory or paranoia, but it is also part of their deceive! They weave a whole shit show to patients to believe they are mentally ill! I tell you! It is all lie and manipulation!!! Be aware!!!!


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