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New Demo: SwitchPunchDemo
News posted 29th July, 2015 by Rikus Post A Comment
I know this is just a demo but it is pretty awesome and deserves some more downloads, andddd I really hope we can see some more levels soon! Switch Punch is a new action/platformer created by: Vinicio

Well worth checking out and do please let him know what you think on his downloads page.

Click here go to the Switch Punch Demo Download page.

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Klik&Lets play Episode 11: Blobs Adventure 2
News posted 29th July, 2015 by Rikus Post A Comment
It is time to go on a special adventure with our trusty deadly friend Blob in Blobs Adventure 2 created by Solgryn! This is that type of game where surviving for more than a couple of seconds is a gift.. And that gift is hard to come by in this video where "Owned" is the word of the day.

Click here to download the game!

Klik&Lets play Episode 10: Prototype 13
News posted 25th July, 2015 by Rikus Post A Comment
Woohoo we reached Episode 10 of Klik&Let's Play! Today we check out Prototype 13 created by Siven. This is a MegaMan platform inspired shooter and Rikus has a great time playing through the game. But how far is he willing to go?

Click here to download the game!

New Game: Sector Six
News posted 29th June, 2015 by Rikus 2 Comments
If you had enough of the outdoors for one day, why not shoot some stuff up with your spaceship in Sector Six!! The game is created by Zuurix. In the game you not only have to blow stuff up but also harvest olds parts and build new parts to your ship! It all looks great also so why not check it out?

Comments from the Author:
Sector Six is elegant and innovative shooter/RPG hybrid. Build your own spaceship from procedurally generated parts and battle machines to save your universe from destruction! Under development. Game is fully playable, but many features are still not implemented/balanced. If you have any issues with the game, please tell me, so I could fix it!

Click here for more info, pics and the download link

Klik & Let's Play Episode 9: Bala de Revólver
News posted 29th June, 2015 by Rikus Post A Comment
It is time to check out the old west in a very cool Beat'em Up game called Bala de Revólver created by Diefox. How far can Rikus get until the old west gets him?

Klik & Lets Play Episode 8: Lyle in Cube Sector
News posted 19th June, 2015 by Rikus 3 Comments
What would you do if your cat gets stolen? Of course you would throw some cubes at anything and everything! Today Rikus checks out the classic Lyle in Cube Sector. This game was recommended by: zevex747. If you have a suggestion for a game you would like me to check out please let me know in the comments.

KlikCast Special 1: Unboxing Klik&Play
News posted 11th June, 2015 by Rikus 1 Comment
Klik&Play was a game creation tool released way back in 1994. Today Rikus decided to see what is inside that huge klik&Play box released back when everything came in huge boxes:)

Klik&Lets Play: Episode 7: Destruction Carnival
News posted 10th June, 2015 by Rikus 2 Comments
Armed with a new camera, Rikus takes on a Klik classic: Destruction Carnival created by Charles Tumino. How far will he get until this game takes care of him? Welcome to Episode 7 of Klik& Let's Play

Klik&Lets Play: Episode: 6 : Space Rancher
News posted 5th June, 2015 by Rikus 1 Comment
Rikus tries to protect his flock from being killed by Aliens. Will his favourite sheep "Bob" survive the killings? Welcome to Episode 6 of Klik& Let's Play

New Mobile Game: OnePath
News posted 20th May, 2015 by Rikus Post A Comment
Fellow TDC member Zephni created his latest new game that is now available on the Android Store. Be sure to check out the video below for tons of more info on the game!

Click here to visit the official site for the game and how to get the game form the Android Store!

If you are working on a game or made one be sure to let us know about it!

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