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7th July, 2017 at 07/07/2017 00:47:23 -

So there's this song from Flanville that I liked that played during the afternoon / evening hours in the game, and I'd like to have some idea what the song was / where it came from. some of the other songs from the game were from other games, so there's a good chance it was from somewhere else.

Unfortunately, since Flanville no longer runs without its server, I have no way of finding / recording the actual song, so the best I've got is me playing it on a MIDI keyboard from memory. So it might not be completely accurate or very pretty (turns out it's REALLY difficult to record from a digital instrument in Windows 7), but I gave it my best shot:

Anybody recognize it?

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  26/08/2017 19:47:58
28th August, 2017 at 28/08/2017 16:32:32 -

When you mentioned the afternoon, that reminded me of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where there are multiple AM and PM tracks that are playing during the game.

And sadly, it does sound a bit familiar to me, but I can't really make out any identification for the track you played.

Sorry, buddy.

But, I'll try to ask my friend GBAura if she could potentially recognize the track somehow, so if she succeeds on recognizing it, I'll send you an email.


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