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7th July, 2017 at 07/07/2017 00:47:23 -

So there's this song from Flanville that I liked that played during the afternoon / evening hours in the game, and I'd like to have some idea what the song was / where it came from. some of the other songs from the game were from other games, so there's a good chance it was from somewhere else.

Unfortunately, since Flanville no longer runs without its server, I have no way of finding / recording the actual song, so the best I've got is me playing it on a MIDI keyboard from memory. So it might not be completely accurate or very pretty (turns out it's REALLY difficult to record from a digital instrument in Windows 7), but I gave it my best shot:

Anybody recognize it?

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  26/08/2017 19:47:58
28th August, 2017 at 28/08/2017 16:32:32 -

When you mentioned the afternoon, that reminded me of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where there are multiple AM and PM tracks that are playing during the game.

And sadly, it does sound a bit familiar to me, but I can't really make out any identification for the track you played.

Sorry, buddy.

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