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Jason Andrew Buividas

15th September, 2017 at 15/09/2017 00:44:06 -

Hello Click Community.

My Name is Jason Andrew Buividas. Anyone can add me on Facebook if ya "want", I am not Shy.

I am Currently Undergoing a HUGE~ No, an ENORMOUS Project! And I will be looking for recruit(s) to take on this Project with me. I am not allowed to divulge too much information About this Project. As I have gotten in Trouble before in the past. So Everyone that want's to take a part in this needs to be DISCREET as Possible when working with me. Meaning No Leaks. I will Trust pretty much Anyone AT first. But You'll be REMOVED from the team if you say and or post stuff about this Project like on FB and or other medians. Believe it. ~_^ Sorry to sound Harsh, but it's True.

We'll be Working with Blizzards (r), Wizards of the Coast (r), AND NERO-Larp (r) ((For those who are not Familiar with LARP's This One is the TOP LARPs around. It is the Father of ALL LARP's in fact. Believe that ^_~.)) This Project Will be a lot to soak in, so bare with me for a sec. I AM looking for some of the TOP MMF Coders Around Period the End. Anyone with the abilitie(s) to Make Database(s) Chat-room(s), Log-in's, etc etc ~Something that will Eventually Be a lot like Facebook. but For a Different reason. And It will be Mobile. As well as Global internet. So yes anyone Familiar with the Mobile Android i-Phone(s) and all that Jazz coding-wise. WE NEED YOU! and Thanks for Reading.

~The Payment part, is complicated. but if your not Okay with that, then just exit this Post. But for those who are Interested. The Long-term Payout, You might be looking at Financially set for Life. And Everyone who is coming aboard on this Project will get a 3% of my Cut. I promise you that much. However this all comes later when we sell the Product down the road. And everything goes Viral. This is a HUGE commitment, I know. But if you like seeing yourself being Partners with Blizzards, Wizards of the Coast, Netflix, etc Lemme Know. YOU CAN: ( E-mail me Your A. Resume and/or B. What Abilities you can bring to the Table. ) As soon as you can. Again. Thank you for Reading. <<< E-mail HERE thank you!

Jason Andrew Buividas / Head Director of Project APP NERO(r) ))


Jason Andrew Buividas

[ Game Creator Guru ]

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